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Clary Sage Oil: Benefits, Uses, & Diffuser Blends

November 11, 2021


How to Use

Diffuser Blends

What is Clary Sage?

Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) is a beautiful plant with purple flowers, typically found in the Mediterranean Basin. Clary Sage oil has a light, refreshing scent which has been used in the past for various eye conditions, but it has many other valuable health and wellness uses, which are highlighted below.

Benefits of Clary Sage

Long known as the “women’s oil”, clary sage has been reported to help with balancing hormones, relieving menopause symptoms and reducing pain associated with menstrual¬†cramps.

Another of my favourite benefits to this essential oil, is the natural anti-depressant properties. Used in aromatherapy, the oil has shown to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. It promotes a calming, almost euphoric feeling, aiding in sleep as well. In some studies, it has also been shown to help reduce blood pressure.

Lastly, it has been shown to have some anti-bacterial qualities when used in a balm applied to the skin. However, I suggest speaking with a physician or other health professional before relying on this oil to heal a wound.

How to use clary sage oil

  1. Inhalation: Keep a small vial of the essential oil on hand. Inhale the scent when feelings of stress or anxiety arise.
  2. In a balm: Mix clary sage with a few drops of carrier oil. (Never apply directly to skin undiluted)
  3. As a room spray: In a spray bottle, combine clary sage, water and any other complimentary oil you choose. Shake well before spraying.
  4. In a diffuser: Place a few drops into your diffuser to infuse your room with the scent. Check out some of our favourite blends below.

Diffuser Blends

These are my 3 favourite blends that I use regularly.

clary sage oil - peaceful surroundings diffuser blend
clary sage oil - uplifting diffuser blend
clary sage oil - drift away diffuser blend

There are many complimentary essential oils that work well with clary sage. Check out our list below and try making your own blends.

  1. Lavender
  2. Cedarwood
  3. Geranium
  4. Cypress
  5. Lemon
  6. Sandalwood
  7. Tangerine
  8. Rose

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