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Bucket List: The Sanctuary of Azulik Resort

April 16, 2021

This luxurious resort has long been at the top of my bucket list. It’s located near Tulum in the heart of the Mayan jungle with stunning views of the Caribbean sea. Traveling here as a couple, a group of friends, or on your own, there are multiple spaces to reconnect your mind, body and soul.

Below, you will learn more about this extraordinary resort and what sets it apart to make it a truly unique bucket list experience.


If you’re looking to “get away from it all”, this secluded sanctuary is comprised of just 48 villas allowing you to explore and reconnect without the crowds of your typical all inclusive resort. These villas have no electric lights, air conditioning or televisions, allowing you to fully connect with your natural surroundings.

There are 7 categories of accommodation for you to choose from including Sea, Sky and Jungle. However, the two most iconic choices would be the Aqua and Moon villas

Aqua Villa 

Located in the most private area of Azulik, it features an elevated round bed, geometric mirrors and indoor waterways.  You and your loved one can revitalize in the Mayan obsidian bathtub, or descend the private stairway to the beach and swim in the glistening waters of the Caribbean. Afterwards, delight in a couple’s massage which can be arranged by your 24/7 butler. Finally, watch the sun set from the terrace swing or from the outdoor hot tub.

Moon Villa

Pure luxury can also be found in the Moon Villa (my bucket list choice). 

The website calls it “a dreamlike setting for privacy and rest”.  Each level has something different; translucent walls, a stone waterfall and a hanging Balinese bed on the deck.  If that’s not enough already, you also have an outdoor plunge pool overlooking the beach. 

While the Moon Villa is the ultimate in romantic accommodations, there’s no reason why a solo traveler or a couple of friends couldn’t enjoy this wonderous retreat. There is ample space to rest, contemplate and marvel at the ocean views.


Food is nourishment for your soul and the dining areas at Azulik do not dissapoint either. 

Their signature restaurant, Kin Toh, serves “avant-garde” cuisine combining local ingredients and international elements.  Other restaurants include Tseen-Ja, offering Mexican-Japanese fusion. Jungle Cuisine, which creates dishes with medicinal properties from locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. And, Cenote, for a slightly more casual experience.

One of the most unique aspects for dining is the “Nests”. These tables offer a treetop dining experience overlooking the Mayan jungle. Book one of their exclusive Nest Experiences to max out your bucket list experience.


In addition to the incredible rooms and outstanding cuisine, Azulik brings a sensory experience throughout the other amenities of the resort as well.

There are a couple boutique shops on site which look more like museums than retail stores. They offer a mix of modern and traditional items and you can even browse their items online here: shop.azulik.com

On site, there is also Sfer Ik, a contemporary art museum featuring some of the world’s finest visual artists. If you enjoy contemporary, sustainable art, this is a must see.

A visit here is not complete until you experience at least one of the many healing ceremonies offered by their spa.  On my bucket list is the Mayan Intonation, which helps to release toxicity and negative emotions trapped in our being.  Others include the Chakras Harmonization and Zumpulche, which is one of the most traditional ceremonies in Mexico.

It’s more than just resort; Azulik brings you on an unforgettable spiritual journey and is awaiting your arrival.

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“The goal to life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature”

Joeseph Campbell

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