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I am a passionate traveler, just like yourself, looking to find rest and rejuvenation while discovering our beautiful world.

My wanderlust is driven by exhilarating adventures (zip-lining through the jungle!), and immersing myself into the culture, cuisine, and history of the destination, followed by soothing practices such as spa visits, yoga, and meditation. A well-rounded vacation, in my opinion, should always include some form of self-care.

Palm Leaves and Water

As a mother, I often travel with my daughter and she is quickly becoming inspired by the world around us too. Since the age of 6, she has been raising money each year to give back to various communities. In 2020, the funds she raised fully furnished a school in Tanzania.

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Explore with me and we’ll uncover unique locations, exciting adventures, delicious food and restoration.


“Travel is like meditation, and with each journey, I find a little more of myself”

trisha mahajan

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